That Time Coles Got On My Bad-Side and Regretted it Forever

Life is pretty good living out of home (Sorry Mum and Dad). I have more freedom, my parents appreciate me loading the dishwasher for them a lot more now I don’t live with them, and there are never any questions or jokes when I stumble on home in the wee hours of the morning. However, everything is not perfect in my big grown up world. There are the usual troubles, money, washing, constantly wondering how much more furniture we can fit in the apartment before it bursts. The usual. But by my biggest qualm with living out of home so far has to be groceries [Read more…]

People Pleaser

I’m a people pleaser by nature, and rightly so. I’ve worked in customer service since I was old enough to apply for my first job. Although, somehow, being a people pleaser and working in customer service do not go hand in hand, a lesson that has taken me almost five years and numerous upsetting run-ins with disgruntled customers and clients to comprehend.

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The Lady in Apartment 29

In my first creative writing seminar of the semester, my tutor gave us some homework. The task was relatively simple, we had to choose someone who we either like or dislike and write a 500 word piece on them. The catch was that we weren’t allowed to let the reader know how we felt about the subject.

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Do as I say, not as I do

This morning, while sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, my attention was drawn to the car in the next lane. It was covered in advertisements telling me that for a low-low price all of the dents from any vehicle could be removed with no damage to the paint. The deal seemed promising as I thought back over all the bumps and bruises my car has accumulated since I bought it over three years ago. Just as I moved to take down the company’s phone number, I noticed a huge dent on the backside of the car. My dreams of having a dent-free car were dashed and my only thought was, ‘Why on earth would I want my dents removed by a company who can’t even remove their own?’

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You’ll Be Working Into Your Hundreds

It’s a saying I’ve heard about a million times since my school days. It applies to everything, what subjects I did during high school, to what degree I chose to do at University, even stretching to whether or not I should take a gap year at the end of my high school education. Before making any of these decisions I would be approached by well-meaning family, friends, teachers and sometimes obscure acquaintances and told ‘make sure you choose right, because the way its going, you’ll be working into your hundreds’.

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