A Poetic Amendment

On the 16th of October I wrote a blog about my first attempt at writing poetry. A week later and I have finally finished! Enjoy:

Unfathomable Depth

It slips
plunging from my sight
into unfathomable depth.

I watch as it delves
further into brilliant dark ocean
exploring facets of this world
which I can never hope
to see.

It sinks and spirals
sunken into freezing waters
passed things lost before.

The creatures of the depths
feel insignificant
in comparison to the stories
descending into an oblivion
devised of uncharted waters
and unknown company.

I visualise my loss
as it sinks to the ocean floor
its purpose eradicated through circumstance
it takes on a new life
seeing the unseen
now a plaything for the unknown.

I stand on the precipice
as if to follow
my lost thing
below the surface.

Instead, I restrain my urge
knowing my curiosity
is more exploratory
than my land-locked body
could ever be.